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11-25-2004, 10:17 AM
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biggest pet peave of minor hockey..?

Ok, what is the one thing that annoyed you the most about players in minor hockey. For me, since our aaa teams never had a trainer, it was always tough to tell if a player was genuinely hurt or not. Although most of the time, we just took the kids word for it, we had a player who used to push it really bad. One time he said he got hit in his head during a tournament, but then went on to play 6 more games in the tournament. We all figured it was just some weak headache he was having, then he goes on to skip our games the next weekend, citing that he had a concussion. The next time, we were a bit shorthanded due to real injuries, and in a practice 4 days before, he got hit in the foot with a puck. Now he skated it off, and finished practice, but was limping around afterward. He then proceeded to play in a highschool game the next night, but elected to skip our games in the upcoming weekend, saying he had "bruised tissues in his foot" -- (he always used like the exact medical term the doctor used to make it sound worse..for example he separated his ac clavical, rather then simply he separated his shoulder, etc). The worst of all his "injuries" though was when he claimed to have separated his shoulder. We knew he got slashed on his upper arm during a game on a saturday. Now he finished the game, played in our game the next day, played in a highschool game the day after that, then he goes on to skip our tournament the upcoming weekend. I've always been pretty trusting and indifferent when someone gets hurt, saying like, "well you dont know, its not your body, etc" but even this one got me off. The thing about this player was that he was one of those guys who found a way to scream on everyone when they made mistakes, and always looked for a scapegoat when he messed up...anyway...what made you guys crazy about other players in minor hockey??

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