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Originally Posted by Erika Trunitsyn View Post
I'm sick and tired of this Sergei Kostitsyn scandal !!

If you're not going to call him back Bob, just freakinn trade him already !! Sergei will be able to flourish somewhere else and come back and humiliate Gainey by posting a break-out season !!

For all the haters who says that Sergei is a spoiled kid, immature sob, me, myself and I thinking, well... jus look at yourself in the mirror before insulting some 22 years kid. 90% of the people here don't even care for what company they work for. As soon as they can find a better option for themself, BYE BYE BOSS !!

That's how it works, sorry for breaking you're little WORLD !!

People are selfish and have big Ego, so what ?! So what ?! Just live with, it happens everywhere everytime.

Just because he is a hockey player, doesn't mean that he is any different than any of you !! Playing hockey is his job just like cleaning the toilet, healing people, operating machines, teaching students, etc.

Now, as for this thread,

just trade him already !!




Your post makes no sense at all.

Most people change jobs youre right. But guess what? Most people don't SIGN CONTRACTS for their job, and if they do they can't just whine their way out.

See a difference? The funny thing is you always post all cocky, as if you're teaching everybody a lesson, but it usually makes no sense at all and just makes you look like a fool.

Sorry to break "you're" little WORLD!!

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