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11-25-2004, 12:09 PM
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For me it was the ridiculous amount of favoritism at try-outs based on who's father was this or that with the program. I was a player who was ALWAYS (no exaggeration) one of the last players cut from the A team, and on more than a few occassions there were players on the A team who were my inferiors (not massively so but noticeably) who were kept up on A because there father was more involved with the program than mine ( my dad's from England and didn't know a thing about hockey). It was pretty bad and I heard the same thing from others. I wasn't too bitter as I had a great 13 years playing B level hockey and I was one of the better players in B, but still I very quickly lost faith in the objectivity of the evaluation process. No complaints really though, minor hockey was great for me and gave me the skills to have a great recreational activity for my adult life and one which I can do very well at. I love playing hockey even if it's just a pick-up game at the rink.

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