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10-10-2009, 03:29 PM
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Depends on your shot, strength, height, stick type, stick length, etc. Note I didn't say weight, because I think it's not important.

I'm 5'8 182 (was 190 a week ago ), I use 67 flex. But I cut my stick so it's 2 inches below my chin in skates, which goes up to 80 flex.

Now I'm mostly a wrist guy, and when I take shots while skating, I like the sticks whippy with a low kickpoint because I can load up quickly and get the shot off quick. My main stick has been a Vapor XXV.

This morning, I took my One95, also 67 flex but it feels stiffer and has a higher kickpoint, to stick and puck, along with a Sherwood 7000 senior stick (probably close to 90-100 flex cut down). I worked on pulling the puck in close, dropping my bottom shoulder, and taking a more vertical shot, a la Ovechkin. Sure enough, I got a lot more power behind the shot, the One95 was almost too whippy, and the very stiff Sherwood stick actually got off some good shots.

You'll want a whippier stick if you're shorter, cut your stick very short, are not very strong, and/or you take a lot of quick wrist shots with the puck farther away from you. You'll want a stiffer stick if you're taller, keep your stick long, are strong, and/or you take a lot of heavy slap or snap shots.

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