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09-20-2003, 12:04 AM
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I doubt it in this case

Originally Posted by oli500
People dont forget that Dallas said they would pay half of turgeons salary if they find a buyer for him.(saw it on sportsnet) So he wouldent come as much as his salary shows. I stil would not take him because of the fact that no one wants him. Dallas has offered his services to every team and still no takers. Between you and me we now what that means. Besides we have some one by the name of perrault. Him and turgeon are very similar players but perraults has more of a scoring toch. And dont forget both of those players dont like physical play so my answer is No!
Dallas would pay half his salary and pay all of Brisebois's salary? I don't think so dude, do the math . 4million Brisebois + Half of Turgeon's salary for a trade that doesn't really help Dallas at all anyway?
When is everyone going to get it into their heads that we can NOT trade Brisebois right now, He is not worth anything to the HABS because of the situation in Montreal and EVERY other team in the NHL knows this . So . Why would anyone fork out more than a dozen hockey sticks for the guy ?

He will either be traded for next to nothing and we'll pick up some of the salary or he will rot in Montreal until he decides to play in another league in Europe somewhere.
I hate to say it because I'm not very fond of brisebois to begin with BUT I'd much rather have him on the team as a 4th or 5th D-man than to trade him for another dead-wood like Mckay.....because we're going to have to cover his 4 million bucks anyway, might as well see him put up 40-50 points this year for us rather than trade him for some lame ass hockey player who will end up sitting out to make room for younger players. We're stuck with the 4million dollar contract , might as well make the best of it.

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