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09-20-2003, 12:19 AM
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Last Time I checked

Last time I checked I think I recall celebrities i.e. Hockey Player, Actors , Musicians and the like ... Don't really appreciate name-droppers. If you had so much fun with these guys and you really want to continue seeing them maybe you should keep these kinds of stories between yourself and close friends. Imagine your boss coming onto a forum and reading about you doing cocaine ? I'm not sure you'd be too happy about the "friend" who ratted you out on a hockey forum .

Yeah I know i'm being a self-righteous ******* but hey, I gotta look out for my Team . Am I a hippocrite because I read this thread ? Maybe

My point is simply, let them party, party with them , don't make it more public than it already is.

Just some sympathizing for the overpaid and underworked boys of Stardom .

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