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11-25-2004, 08:55 PM
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Originally Posted by shakes
You honestly think anybody would accept a contract like that?!
Depends how its worded. If its worded that is a no-strike bonus it might not get up. If its worded as being linked to revenues/profits then its harder to avoid.

You can be guaranteed that this is exactly what the NHLPA would organize. You can also be assured that the other unions would be fully behind this action. Which begs the question..

When was the last time you saw a bunch of millionaire hockey players march on picket line at some factor in the middle of no where. "Can't come in today to collect my $50,000 check, I've got to go march on some picket line at a fruit cannery.".

The NHLers don't give a flying **** about these people. Do they spend their off seasons fighting for garbage truck drivers or sewerage workers? Why should they return the favour unless they want an autograph.

how would they broadcast and run the season if TV crews, ushers, ticket takers, food service workers and any other union that helps run the operation of the arenas are not allowed to cross the picket lines.
The poor chap/single mother earning $10-15/h working on the concession stands or cleaning the rink that no doubt will want to be there on the picket line with the players, instead of earning enough to pay for the mortage.

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