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11-25-2004, 11:07 PM
Jacques Plante
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The stakes were just so high all the way back then. WHen the stakes are that high, there's bound to be someone to lose. It really was an interesting time.

I didn't realize the financial boost it gave the Flyers. That puts a whole new spin on it. The flyers have been a big money team for a long time now. I remember sometime in the mid 90's hearing how the Flyers were big spenders with a 45 million dollar salary . How things have changed.

The Forsberg vs Lindros debate is an interesting one, but I think I would have to take Lindros in his prime. As people said he could do it all. The only thing that Lindros never sold me on was his leadership abilities. If he hadn't been thrusted into the role of "the next one" maybe things would have been different. I had heared stories that he wasn't much of a captain, but I don't know if that's fair. I think Eric would have benefited a great deal from having someone like a Yzerman or Sakic on his team. Let the leaders lead, let Eric be great.

The Chicago aspect of this is really interesting aswell. imagine if the Nords had Belfour on their team. They may have pulled it off in 1995. The team stays put and a dynasty is set. If they stay, Patrick Roy never goes to Quebec and is traded somewhere else which leads to a new powerhouse. Crazy

So many possibilities...

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