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09-20-2003, 02:09 AM
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The more I watch Gill

Never ceases to amaze me the more i watch this guy the more i wonder how in the heck does he stay in this league....scary part is, he may go into the season being proclaimed our number 1 or 2 Defenceman.....we are in trouble as year ageing McGillis will be exposed in the long haul as to why both Philly and San Jose gave up on him, Moran, undersized and probably in last year of career, O'donnel, still solid but seen his better days, Jilson, unknown, Brennan, career AHL'er though solid enough offensively, Jurcina and Morrison, completely untested, Boynton, may be the best all around and he is still a kid, Berard, always has been one dimentional and when his lack of D exceeds his offensive production, well you get the idea.......Goaltending better be good...inside camp Felix is being lit up and kids vastly outplaying him but his contract is his contract and B's have no choice but to play him at number 1 .......could be a long year without the offensive depth of other teams....Sully's system will have to be played to the hilt for team to stay in the hunt.....will be interesting with impending lockout.....your thoughts???