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09-20-2003, 03:37 AM
The Seeker 25
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Just a bunch of posturing by the owners for the upcoming CBA negotiations. Every group of millionaire owners report that they are losing money, no matter what business they are in. If they projected making $500 million over a fiscal year and only make $200 million, they report a $300 million loss. Same premise as the national debt. If the projection for the increase in the national debt is $3 trillion and it only increases $2 trillion, the candidate happily reports that he decreased the national debt, even with the $3 trillion increase. These are the kind of people who make their living/millions through's just what they do. Period. It's why they have what they have and are (unfortunately for them) what they are.

As for the article, expect more of the same from both sides all year long, as they will be much more concerned about public perception that actually getting the CBA settled. This will be a process where both sides will make public cries about the "poor fans" this, the "poor fans" that, and how the other side doesn't care a bit about the "poor fans" by "forcing us to have a work stoppage".

As for who will look better during this process, make no mistake, the owners will look much better than the players. All this "loss of money" (see above description in 1st paragraph of what actual "loss" means), and I'm sure the owners will make the ultimate posturing plea to the fans..........."The poor people who actually attend the games having to pay the highest ticket prices of any sport". These are the same guys that foolishly threw ridiculous amounts of money at mediocre players and players who had never even played a game in the league, driving the salaries up by astronomical proportions. The owners didn't have a gun to their head when they just had to have these players, either. And they didn't have any problems at all with passing the monetary costs for their horrible judge of talent directly onto the fans in the form of increased ticket prices. And they didn't seem to care about the fans too much as they were being replaced at the games by the corporate suits.

But the players don't have much of a leg to stand on in todays financial climate. With most people either unemployed, under employed and underpaid, there will be little sympathy for the athlete who has to find a way to "somehow" make ends meet on "only" $3 million per year instead of $6 mil per.

And all we can do for both sides is break out the crying towels........

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