Thread: Proposal: trades to help the leafs
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10-11-2009, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by kasper11 View Post
Not sure why I am bothering, but...
to tml: steve bernier 2m or ryan kesler 1.750m
to van: stajan 1.750m and ian white .850
Vancouver would do it for Bernier, not for Kesler.
Vancouver wouldn't do it for Bernier either!

Bernier is the only player we have with power forward potential. He's the most aggressive player we have in the top 9 as well and is looking much better already this year than he did last year, after spending the offseason working hard and getting ready for the season.

Why would the Canucks trade him at all for Stajan? And that's all it comes down to, as the Canucks already have 7 NHL caliber dmen, and don't have a need for White at all.

The Canucks need to add more physical presence up front - as I've said a million times as a reason why it makes no sense to deal Bernier unless you're getting equal physical presence back, which obviously Stajan isn't.

But you were right about Kesler... no way he gets dealt for that package... but even Bernier isn't a guy who's going to be moved for something like that, which doesn't address their needs, while creating a bigger hole in an area they need to add more in (top 9 physical presence on the team).

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