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team affiliation across leagues/farm systems?

Hey all,

Trying to better familiarize myself with the structure of some of the European hockey leagues, and I have a question about the league setup in Germany.

Basically I know that there's the DEL on top, the 2nd Bundesliga as the tier II team, and the Oberliga as the tier III team. I also know that there's a promotion/relegation system, or at least there is for the Oberliga/Bundesliga, and there should be for Bundesliga/DEL movement if not for some issues regarding the # of allowable foreigners on the roster.

But my question is how youth development and organizational depth is handled Basically, to draw a comparison to north america, do teams across the leagues form NHL/AHL/ECHL style "farm system" relationships where players can be moved up or down across leagues in order to get more time to develop or play more minutes against similarly skilled competition? Obviously teams moving up and down between leagues would make this more complicated, but when I look at several German-trained players, they seem to move up and down the leagues even within seasons, as you would expect in an NHL/AHL kind of setup.

For example, in the two years prior to being drafted, Christian Ehrhoff played for both Krefeld and Duisburg in the Oberliga. Would that imply that there was a working relationship between those teams? or do clubs just loan out players to other league teams wherever there's space?

Sorry for the kind of complicated question. Any help would be appreciated.


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