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11-26-2004, 12:01 PM
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ive had three pairs of missions over the last ten years and i had major problems with chassis all three times. im a big guy though, so it might just be me. their boots are pretty comfy - i ref in them. to play in, i was surprised that the nexed stinger lasted as long as it has for me. ive been using them for 2 years and they still work fine. theyre super light and they have a strong frame. the frame is angled at 2 degrees, which helps turns a slight bit but isnt really noticeable. there are some online sites that sell these skates for 100 bucks - which is a flat out steal. they were over 300 when they came out.
other than that its hard to say who is good - mission won their patent suit against the world for hi lo frames. all the other companies now have to come up with a different system - and i havent heard any reviews about who came up with a good one yet.

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