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11-26-2004, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by KingPurpleDinosaur
ya i realize that, but i think it's barely cutting it when you're a first rounder in the 2003 draft. the question now is whether or not we would draft him in the first round again with statistics like this. i do'nt know, but i am beginning to wonder if he's ever going to break out. am i too impatient with him, ya, probably, but at the same time u gota remember we gambled on a high school player. almost eveyrone else had already done great things in the NCAA, Q, or whatever upper league, this guy proved that he could play well against high school players and we were hoping it would transition to players with the same size. so far it hasn't, which concerns me and i'm sure it should start concerning other people too.

i'm sure with management's gamble on boyle, they didn't pick him thinking he would get 8 points last year and just a few poitns more this year. they thought with the intent that he'd be one of the top players on one of the top teams. if anything, look at patrick eaves. he was drafted #29 by ottawa and is totally dominating the league. not once did he dip below point per game ratio and is leading the team right now.

i don't get to watch the games, so maybe i'm missing something, but from the looks of it, i don't think boyle is doing as much as we would like him to be doing. so how much time are we going to give him before we start looking at him and going "ok, you've had enough time, what are you doing?"
And yet Flordia Panthers fans aren't upset with Anthony Stewart, even though he wasn't a point per game player in the OHL. In all seriousness, I don't think that every first rounder has to be a point per game player. If we end up with a Joel Otto kind of guy, a huge third line center who blocks shots, plays mean, wins faceoffs, intimidates opposition out of Boyle (which I think is more likely then the second coming of Allison) then we win. Remember, 2003's 26th pick of the first round, is 1993's 2nd pick of the second round and 1990's 6th second rounder. That said, realize that "first round" pick isn't that big. Top 5 or top 10, yeah, then I'd expect him to live up to your expectations.

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