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09-20-2003, 05:26 AM
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In my opinion Gill has improved every year of his career.
He did manage to lead the team in +/- last year also.
I think his mistakes stand out because of long lingering negative opinions of him.
If you have Center Ice you'll notice Gill is often the most complemented Bruin player by opposing commentators.
He's far from perfect but he's most certainly an NHL caliber player in the league. He is what he is.
It's not his fault he's looked to for more than he should be.

McGillis is only 30. That's not an age at which he should be slowed if he's in top shape.
I guess you're not going to allow him a chance to give the team a solid year given your comments.

For me it's Moran who gives me concern.
If he's a high minute player, then I see a problem.

Unlike Gill who appears to always be trying to improve, O'donnell APPEARS to be coasting through the twilight of his career.
He's SUPPOSED to be a nasty player and a real solid stay-at-homer and I've been disappointed with him.
Again, he's being asked to be more perhaps than what he is, but he's capable of being more reliable than he's been overall during his stay.

"Sully's system will have to be played to the hilt for the team to stay in the hunt".

I'm not sure what you mean by this.
I guess you mean a playoff spot.
It seems you believe the team is worse off this year than last.

To me the team looks a whole lot like last year except for the dynamics of the forward lines being different.

Whether Potvin is an improvement over last year, who knows.
Overall, it looks like about the same team talent-wise.

I don't expect the same great start as last year, nor the same horrible finish.

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