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10-12-2009, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
1--Why play Moen with the first line? Shouldn't we let Latendresse have a shot there?

2--Should we give S.K. a chance to replace D'Agostini?

3--Does anyone know a free hockey fantasy site, or other site, that tells people which goalies will start each night, and what each team's lines are?

4--Who doe M.A.Bergeron get paired with?

Anyone got answers??

My humble opinion:

1. Put Lats on the second line with Pleks and AKost, if we want to develop him into being a power forward, he's gotta play the time on one of the two top lines. While I agree that he's been sub par this season, and I am so not a fan, I think he needs to be told, "we're giving you two months on one of the first two offensive lines, here's your chance to really show what you can do" - He's 22 and been rushed, and has really not been used properly in a very long time, probably not since he played junior. He's been much better around the net in the last 2-3 games. That being said, there needs to be a sense of urgency in his game.

2. Again IMHO D'Agostini is a Ryder clone without the dumb luck. For whatever reason the puck seemed to always gravitate to Ryder, he skates like he's got two left feet, but he has great hands and anticipates plays very well - however he is (although he has gotten better under Julien) a defensive liability. I don't like D'Ags game, and I can't believe he's not working harder given the circumstances. Is he just happy that he is on a one way contract and won't get sent down to the farm? Someone needs to give this kid's head a shake - say what you want about Sergei but at least he was defensively responsible, and had some creativity. Again please, anyone please, if there is something I'm missing about D'Agostini let me know - I really don't like what I see though this year, and last beyond he's 15 first games in the big leagues.

3. I have no idea, but you might want to check rotowire

4. My guess MAB gets paired with Mara. Gill has to play with someone fast and intelligent, and doesn't panic. That would be Gorges; in fact Gorges is Gills 09/10 Rob Scuderi. I would love if they would get Spacek off the right side, because I think he is seriously struggling offensively on that side. He was interviewed before the beginning of the season and stated he was a bit uncomfortable being on the right side as he hadn't played that side in over 13 years. I believe that he should play with Gorges so the lines would be:

Spacek - Gorges (Gorges has played the right side since he came to MTL in the Rivet trade)

Hamrlik - Mara (Mara played the right side the entire last year)

Gill - MAB (although maybe this would be difficult defensively, I belief that the two opposites that they are would balance out and make a good pairing - also it could keep Gill's minutes lower, him being used as a PK specialist, and MAB as a PP specialist).

Those are my monday morning quarterback answers

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