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10-12-2009, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by jmacie3 View Post
Hi guys, just noticed this thread and just started piecing together equipment also. I am a complete newbie to skating (have a pretty good pair of nike skates already) and playing hockey but I'm only 23 and pretty athletic so I hope I can catch on quick. My question is.

-Can I use lacrosse gloves/shoulder pads/elbow pads for hockey. They seem to look the same but I'm guessing some of the padding isn't as thick.

I'm from the chicagoland area and am looking into rockets beginning classes but Johnny's ice house is only a mile away and I heard their class is amazing so I might give that a try. So excited to spend some money and get some gear!.
I would be very hesitant of using another sport's equipment to play hockey, no matter how similar they may appear to be. I have never played lacrosse, but I can't think that a lacrosse ball is harder than a frozen puck. I'd stick with gear designed for a sport & don't mix & match....

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