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11-26-2004, 06:05 PM
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My experiences in minor hockey were pretty good actually. The only real hiccup was when we moved across town and suddenly I was in no man's land as to which zone I belonged to. By the time it was sorted out, tryouts had already started and with the late start I wasn't able to make an impression to make the rep teams.

But there were some things then and there are more things now that really bother me.

1. Forwards who don't backcheck (this has actually gotten worse as I've gotten older.)

2. Too many coaches. Until I hit Bantam we only ever had 3 coaches. Last week I saw a peewee team with 7!

3. Backup goalies in Novice. Give me a break. Up until Peewee all teams only had one goalie when I was a kid. I can't imagine it's a whole lot of fun for these kids to sit on the bench.

4. Coaches who teach 7 year old kids to dump and chase.

5. Coaches who scream and yell and swear at refs and other coaches in front of kids. Show some class there big guy, we all know how tough you are.

6. Parents who tell their 7 year old kids what they should've done on the ice. After a game the only important question you should be asing your kid is "Did you have fun?"

7. Coaches who have set power play and penalty killing units in novice and atom. Hey Scotty Bowman, it ain't the NHL and it ain't about you , it's about the kids so let 'em play.

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