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11-26-2004, 09:27 PM
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Originally Posted by AG9NK35DT8
We are all entitled to our opinion, but for you to call anyone a fool is pretty childish and immature,I stopped name calling when I was in the elementry or junior high school or something( and by using the word POMPUS, it does not make you sound any more intellegent or justify you calling people out especially ones you dont know), plus to stoop to your level and argue back with you would make me even more of an ass so i wont bother. Plus name calling on the computer to me is a sign of a weak person who can only yap behind a screen, but whatever.It far from bothers me just figured id give you my opinion on the situation.

Anyway the kids opinion is based strictly that he is a fan and its not a true opinion by facts, like I said its an opinion as a fan kind of like a homer vote.And once agina like I said one of the best to play the game but not the best. Would be in a top 10 list though.

Shadowtron have a nice day.

Yes, name calling is petty. That why I'm not in the habit of doing so. If you were paying complete attention, you'd have read it as an unfair assumption. But, since you're too busy throwing assumptions at RiChTeRrOcKs35 and myself, I guess I could see how you might have missed it. No harm, no foul as it is said. Seldom do we recognize the face staring back at us as our own.
Referring to RiChTeRrOcKs35 as a child, is condescending, "pompous", arrogant, or whatever word you don't feel threatens your intelligence. And, if I may be so bold, 26 is not a ripe old age. You are not an elder statesman, and hence, have no business calling anyone a child while the milk from your mother's teat is still drying on your whiskers.

Since I have the upmost respect for the moderators on this forum, I apologize to them and anyone who feels it an inconvenience to scroll through this to get to the meat of the discussion. Which is, of course, Richter's worth to the Rangers.

If you feel the need to reply, AG9NK35DT8, PM me. No point in wasting this discussion, simply because you feel the need to get the last word in.

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