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09-20-2003, 06:25 AM
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Originally Posted by coyote
I find it interesting how the Oilers management picks players to stay after the first part of the training camp. I agree with you on Henley. On the other hand a guy by the name of Chris Legg was the best player for the Oiler rookies and had a very good camp and he was sent packing the first day. Go Figure.
Exactly. Makes you wonder. Legg was the only bright spot in that rookies game ( Aside from maybe Lynch and Deslauriers) and yet he is gone. Henley was pathetic, chippy, and annoying. Like I said even Calgary doesn't deserve Henley and they are my ultimate pet peave and annoyance. Anyways let the brawl begin - can't wait to see the losers Calgary will ice.

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