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10-13-2009, 02:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Blackhawkswincup View Post
Actually you are wrong

Huet is most likely to go. Rocky Wirtz wont hesitate burying him in minors and losing 11 mil if it means either Kane or Toews is in danger of being gone.

I expect Huet to be waived and sent to Rockford (Unless he is picked up or some one trades for him). I would expect the Hawks to look into signing someone like Biron for affordable rate or acquiring RFA rights to Halak or Harding.

I expect them to try and trade Campbell by packaging picks and a prospect like Beach with him. Dont know how successful that will be.

Now of the players that are RFA's or signed I expect

Ladd and Eager to depart as RFA's (Replaced by Beach, Skille or Aliu)
And Barker would most likely be traded as his defensive issues are a concern and Shawn Lalonde is in our system.

Then of the big 3 forwards if any need to be moved I expect it to be Versteeg as he could get us alot of assets and Makarov might come over from Russia next year if spot opens up.

I actually think there is a chance we could get rid of Campbell as he would be packaged with a decent amount of assets (1st's and top prospect)

Anyway who cares about the future when this team is just 1 piece away from possibly being a champion. We need a goalie. Our offense is great and Hossa will only help that. We just need a solid G. Huet doesn't appear to be that goalie!

We will have cap troubles but our goal is to win now! And it is in reach
I think Chicago can deal Campbell as well. I hate the guy, but my hatred and contract aside, he,s good and can be a number 1 guy for a team that has room, but no good offensive d.

I meant players that can be gone from the list of players I'd like form Chicago that are reasonable. However, Ladd and Eager are also ones

I'd really like Montréal to get Barker, Eager , Brouwer and Hjarlmarsson. This section below is more to hopefully convince other habs fans that Chicago might be in a bit of a pickle and they have a ton of great players available to make a winning team.

Barker - He's young, good everywhere but defense. (it seems so, don't really get to see many of his games) Though, if Montréal were to acquire him, it would push Weber, Subban and O'bryne back another year, since there's only 1 spot opening for next year. However, that would make them more NHL ready as 2011-2012 we have Markov, Hamrlik and Gill going up for UFA. Gill and Hammer might both retire then. Hopefully we can retain Markov, but if not and we have Barker and lose no one else, our d will be

Barker, Gorges, Spacek, Subban, O'bryne, Weber, Fischer? Bennett ? UFA d ? Doesn't look too good, but it's better than a d sans Markov.

Eager - Great bottom guy, can play pk from what I've seen, has some hands and he's tough. With Laraque becoming a UFA in 2011-2012, Montréal will again need a tough guy. Eager does his job well. I don't like him, and never will, but on my team, I'd love him.

Brouwer - Big body, with good hands and scoring ability that hasn't yet translated to the NHL. Could be a powerforward type to help mold Pacioretty and maybe Latendresse, if he's still with us.

Hjarlmarsson - I honestly believe Harlmarsson is underrated. Maybe hawks fans do too, but from outside, he seems to be much better than he's given credit for.

Ladd - He'd be a nice addition. Pretty tough, another big body that bangs.

Montréal could deal Halak, sign a UFA, because Missiaen is about 10 years away from the NHL and Simila is about 5.

Come this off season, as it will be dumb for Chicago to make any major moves, (unless it makes the team better before than it already is) I hope the habs are in some kind of deal with Chicago, as they could have a good amount of good team players available for cheaper than what they would normally go for.

In all honesty, I'm jealous of Chicago and what they've stockpiled.

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