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11-27-2004, 01:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner
i do love to watch college hockey. if you have any questions about the rangers kids playing in college i would be happy to answer them. I'm not a scout or anything but i can give you a pretty good rundown about each player. my favorites now are
i don't count montoya because he is going to be a superstar.

umberger was a jerk when he practiced with the wolfpack that much we know so giroux fighting him not only took guts because umberger towers over him but it shows he is a good teammate.

i don't know why you are getting so worked up over this. all i said was he could be a future 3rd/4th line player. i'm not sure what you problem is with that?
Sorry but I would respectfully decline hearing your scouting reports, I rather judge them for myself when I see them play. And how exactly does Umberger tower over Giroux when he is an inch shorter than Giroux?

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