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10-13-2009, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by JRZ DVLS View Post
Quick ways to figure out which hand he is at shooting...

1) Make him Sweep out the Garage
2) Have him Rake the Leaves
3) When it snows, Give hm a shovel and tell him have at it.

While he is doing this, you promptly grab a beer out of the Fridge and do your research. All those are the same motion as Shooting and will tell you which is his dominant shooting handedness.

As well as helping with Chores around the house it lets you relax with a tasty beverage....

Ahh Fear, you beat me to it. LOL
I wouldn't be so sure about those activities being the same as shooting. I'm right handed and I grew up using sticks without curves, ended up shooting righty (left hand on top) simply because it felt more comfortable. When sweeping or shoveling, I have my right hand on top for the same reason. Raking, I'll be switching back and forth.

Or maybe I'm just weird.


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