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11-27-2004, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by semenko27
I have to say that my biggest pet peeve is the refs. They are the ONLY paid people in all minor hockey, and as such, have a job to perform. On a regular basis, I see refs trying to take over the game, or just plain ol missing call after call. Yet, NOBODY can talk to the ref without potentially getting slapped with a suspension. If I don't do my job at work, I would get canned pretty damn fast. All I'd like to see is a little accountability with these officials, the good ones are few and very, very, far between.
I've coached in 2 different cities and the situation hasn't changed. And the big losers? The kids playing the games of course!

Just my 2 cents...

I guess ILL add to this is my other biggest peeve is comming across COACH after COACH who DOESNT EVEN KNOW THE RULES! They argue calls and have NOTHING to back it up and HALF the time they are saying the wrong thing. Then they get mad when you IGNORE them but of course im going to IGNORE a coach who doesnt know the rules. Every USA Hockey coach get a Rulebook in the mail with there coaching stuff and if they dont take the time to learn the rules then I am sure not going to go over and explain anything to them.

PERFECT Example I had a week ago...

Girl is going in on a breakaway....defending player while BEHIND the girl takes his stick and turns it OVER onto the girls stick....Girl cannot get a shot off...I call Penalty Shot because he HOOKED her by turning his stick over on top of hers....the Coach start FLIPPING out saying that they CAN do that with there stick....I mean GIVE ME A BREAK..he was a Peewee coach so he already had at least 3 years coaching expirence and he DIDNT even know that is illegal.

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