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10-13-2009, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Irreverent View Post
What can I say? wabwat and bland keep hitting the nail on the head.

I'm really liking Brown's game, simple and simple. Teddy Purcell and Jarrett Stoll are doing a great job on that second line and are creating trouble for the opposing teams. Purcells speed and hustle has been excellent.

The Zues line is one of the most dominant lines I've ever seen as far as controlling the flow of the game. Enjoy it while it lasts...

Quick was very solid although some of his rebounds are getting away from him.

Brad Richardson has been great and I think it's about time Harrold takes a seat and let Lewis back in the game. He's bigger and faster and for the little ice time that they get could be more effective.
Yeah, I'm ready to see Lewis back in there too. If they aren't going to play him on a regular basis he should be in Manchester.

I'm surprised that there wasn't more criticism on Smyth icing that puck. It's not a terrible play, but it's not optimum. He probably gets by without being criticized too heavily because of his experience and reputation. You know if Frolov or Brown did it there would be detractors of both players out in full force.

If Quick gets just a little better on his rebound control, we might actually have not just a good, but a very good goaltender.

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