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11-27-2004, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Puck
I've been trying to stay on the fence in this lockout. If the NHL is devious enough to play out these machinations, I think I'd fall off that fence squarely landing in the NHLPA camp. After all the NHL's whining that they can't operate under this CBA and they're losing money and would rather close up than play, well, wouldn't ending the lockout just be saying that they believe this current CBA is still a workable document? Where's their argument now? I think a lot of fans would jump off that NHL bandwagon. Even Kickabutt
Whoa whoa whoa. Who said I was on the owners side. I blame both the owners and players in this mess. The only reason I am posting anything in this thread is because of the lame brain notion that the owners strategy should be to lift the lockout and go to a perpetual lockout and play 40 games a season.

Thanks for agreeing with me that the owners would have no chance in hell of arguing in front of any court that the CBA was unworkable if they keep asking the players to renew it every chance they get.

Plus not to mention the laughable assertion that the owners would actually WANT to negotiate in bad faith so they could lose on purpose. If they were ever found to be negotiating in bad faith the repercussions would be so severe that they would probably go bankrupt. For example, one penalty the NLRB could order (and has in other labor matters) would be backpay for the employees i.e. players.

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