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10-13-2009, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by KapG View Post
Where does grabs hurt us defensively? Is it the fact that he actually tries to find a man in the D-zone to cover? is it the fact that when he DOES lose the puck he skates like a mad man on the back check to either get the puck back or pick up an opposing player?

Please enlighten me.
Take it you missed the game last night? Didn't see the lost face-off leading to the 3rd Rangers goal or the poor turn-over he made leading to the other?

Yes, he hustles when he turns the puck over. It doesn't negate the mistakes he makes by leaving others open in good offensive, but poor defensive positions due to an ill advised "dangle". It doesn't change the fact that he is often caught running out of position for a loose puck either leaving his men open.

When you overhandle the puck you bring players around you to a stand-still or force them to find a new position to get open. His turn-overs are usually off him overhandling the puck, which means the rest of the team has to transition.


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