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11-27-2004, 11:45 AM
fan mao rong
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The NLRA says that a secondary (involving other unions in a job action) is an unfair labor practice by a union. Maybe some think that some Canadian laws could be different and different practices may apply there. Not me. But even if this were to become the case perhaps it would be best if there was at least a permanent Canadian Division, if not separate leagues , or a withdrawal of United States teams from NHL and move to an all Canada NHL, and then they could add Winnipeg or Hamilton or such , and find some agreement with the NHLPA on how much Canadian money they will receive. The U.S. teams would then be able to sink or swim on their own. And the TV ratings, maybe all on Fox Sports Net at least, would not be any worse, as even if all Canada views them , U.S. TV ratings do not add a single viewer. Then U.S. could devise a new cup, and what I believe to be the deflating Canadian influence, would not hamper TV ratings or the live gate. Well, maybe Toronto at times might not factor into that.

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