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10-13-2009, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by AtlantaSportsFan View Post
we better hope he comes back very very soon or our season is over. Pavs is just not starting material .. i pray Lehts can get back in time and save our season . I dont care if our offense scores 5 goals a game , there will be nights when we need to rely on the goalie and Pavs is not reliable. I hope Pavs can prove me wrong but thats a very high hope .
Pavs has been pretty decent for us in the first three games. He's actually surprised me at how much better he looks compared to how he looked last season when he started a few games. He hasn't done anything to jeopardize the team's chances of winning yet so unless he turns into Cristobal Huet (too early to make that joke?) you just have to count on him to make the big saves. And he's done that, btw. Our team should have more goals scored against it then it has but he has come up with some big saves thus far.

I'm not ready to put an entire game in Pavs' hands and let him steal one for us, but his stats are respectable. He's around the middle of the league in save % with .912% (not incredible, but respectable) and his GAA is 3.02. You can't expect ANY goalie that plays for this team in its current style of play to be able to pull off something below a 2.50 GAA. The offense-first nature of this team won't allow that to happen, but that's ok. We're still 2-1 and we have a real test coming up on friday against a hot Devils team. Like I said in another thread, he's our best shot right now and you just gotta have faith in him.

As far as Lehtonen goes, I love the guy as a goaltender but I think when he comes back from this injury it may seriously be his last shot at remaining the top goaltender on this team. But that still depends on how Pavelec does between now and then. I've always defended Lehtonen 100% from anyone who attacked him on these boards, but even I am growing weary of having a band-aid goaltender all the time. He's got to stay healthy or he may be getting a foot in the ass by management AND the fans. I'm not even sure if it would be the right move to immediately give him the starting job, especially if we keep winning with PAvelec in net. I can't justify giving him all the starts and possibly destroying what little confidence Pavelec has built up in the first few games. If he doesn't recover and return to good form, then we may end up having a ****** goalie due to injuries and a ****** goalie with confidence problems that keeps him from playing well. ... Wait... Why does that sound familiar?

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