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Originally Posted by Tumsh View Post
Here's the translation of the last piece on the Rangers-Leafs game. I hope it comes out ok, I've never used multiline quotes before...
I'm going to try to keep my translation in the same format as the original text, so that it's easier to follow.


It's with certain sense of surprise you acnowledge that a game in the Garden ends like that.

To get that many goals - it felt like - the rangers needed months last season.
Now it goes pang-pang-pang as soon as a blueshirt enters the offensive zone. (pang is our sound for bang)
- Yeah, we have a few players who can score this year, says Henke.
Indeed. ( )

Of course, it ends with boxing on the section above ours.
Gris-Olle's friends tire of the bleating (yeah, sheep sounds) Toronto-drunk and suddenly he's lying between two rows and struggles.
Then he's carried out by security who don't want to hear anything about how it was the home fans that hit him. Just before he dissapears Gris-Olle screams so loud it echoes.
- (you do this one yourself )

This is AlwaysARanger's piece:

But in general the mood during the final minutes of games like these crazy good.
During the last minutes, the jumbotrn-people find the old lady who, slighly drunk and in a way too big Lundqvist jeresy, is performing a scandalous/obscene can can-dance when she gets an opportunity.
(I've got no idea what a can can-dance is )

Reference to the Flames game, Chicago has equalized the score.

Henril is certain:
The Leaf-players didn't even try to stop before they ran in to him.
- No, I checked the replayes. They're supposed to be tougher this year, but at the same time they're not very big... then it might be easier to be tough against the goalie, he laughs.

Yep, I told you Page Six Sean would score.
But two - not even the most devoted of fans would have expected that.

Of course he's not happy with the results, but Rikard Wallin says he's content with his own play.
- I try not to play here, I simply play like a classic Swedish center and it's working pretty well, he says when I see him in an empty dressing room.
It works darn good, even. I would say he was the only Leaf that was actually good this game.

In the middle of the media rush The Cake(Torts) enters the room and I think me and stil-Oskar are the only ones that hear him. He quickly looks around, grimaces and hisses with disgust:
- ^$#%%$#
The he goes to one of the bulletin(white?) boards and writes "12.00 - oh" with a marker and dissapears again.
He's just like Johnny Sack! (whomever that is)

Could it be that Wilson's position isn't all that steady.
Just a thought.

Wondering what 12.00 means... (Anyone know this? Time + drill?)

Sauerkraut man? (you know, sour keel... germans thin...)
He dissapears in the middle of the third, with a Hannibal Lecter-smile draped over his entire face.
A ****ing wierd guy, that one.

Colton hasn't forgoten.
He walks up to me, shakes my hand and says:
Make sure you give Shoey a snus from me when you see him.
It's a promise champ.
But hold on... it might be a while before I can talk to him again.
Hawks jut won, in overtime.
Double wowwow

There's no game on Garden until Wednesday, so tomorrow he'll go and pick up his mom nad brother from Newark. It'll be fun since they haven't seen each others in the US since his "debut" 1979

Hope that comes out alright...

EDIT: Man, this is a lot of work... no wonder the this thread died out a little.
Can you Rangers fan maybe give us a little feedback about what parts are interesting. I sure won't have time to keep this up after every game!
Thanks for this! Seems like Scandinavians have a good sense of humor.

I liked the stuff about Torts and the exchange with Colton Orr.

The old lady dancing in the Lundqvist jersey is Dancin' Granny, they always show her on the Jumbotron. That was pretty funny as well.

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