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09-20-2003, 07:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Laches
---You're telling me that contracting four teams is going to force New Jersey, Dallas and Anaheim to stop playing defensive systems and you think I'm the one being ignorant?

And what the hell is this "you shouldnt be allowed to win a stanley cup when grant marshall and pascal rheameu are the big deadline deals" nonsense? That is perhaps the single dumbest statement ever to grace these boards. You should only be allowed to compete for the cup if you trade for a marquis player at the deadline? Okay....

All of this carping about defensive teams is really nothing more than Ranger fan bitterness. For whatever reason, some Ranger fans feel an overriding need to discredit teams who succeed while their team falls flat on its face. So rather than just accept the fact that the Devils are simply a bettter team, they spew this "they aren't reallly good, it's just because of their system" nonsense.
look i am not going to start a flame war but once again let me explain my post, as i already did a few posts above yours.

i think you are ignorant cause you arent trying to think what the other person is trying to say and instead you just come back with this lame post saying contracting teams isnt going to stop the trap instead of thinking.

listen, i am not going to go through this all again, just READ my above post and that will explain everything. i swear some of you need to get a sense of humor.

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