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10-14-2009, 04:29 AM
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hitting is a part of the game, and frankly you carry yourself diffently when contact is present. You may never throw a body check in your entire career but you have to be aware of how to carry yourself when people are trying to hit you. To that i think we can all agree upon. Its not so much about how to throw a body check,as it is learning to keep your head up; learning that moves that work in scrub hockey wont work when someone is trying to take your head off.The earlier players start learning what works vs what doesnt work the better they'll be going forward. Not to mention the chl is drafting players as young as 14, thats a huge hurdle for a player to undertake in a calender year(from no bc to playing against players up to 21), also how are scouts expected to do their job properly drafting players that are essentially new to how the game is expected from said point going forward. As to all the lost talent; ive known alot of talented players that fell off when contact was introduced, but the fact if you cant handle the contact as a peewee how are you going to suddenly be able to handle it in junior and even further extrapolated how are you expected to handle it as a pro. Pond hockeys great but it isnt the nhl. And lastly how can you say that canada apart from crosby doesnt produce elite players; is mike richards not elite(poll nhl gms on that one and find me someone outside of the big 3 in recent years youd rather build a team around), is ryan getzlaf not elite, is mike green not elite(for your european emphasis on speed and skill you should fall all over him), what about jeff carter, eric staal, corey perry, phaneuf, weber. All guys from the same draft that are cornerstones of nhl franchises. Is canadas development system perfect no, but to suggest its not exceptional is absurd. Canada delivers more than its share of upper echelon talent along with its abundance of "matt cooke" role players and to that i think you should tip your hat. If theres one thing that the history of hockey has taught us its that for every wayne gretzky theres a bob gainey, and that while both are valuable the russians have never understood the value of the latter and have yet to produce one. Alexander Semin has all the talent Bob Gainey wish he had, but he'll never amount into half the player bob was(break out your calculators=?).

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