Thread: Proposal: Kovalchuk for Kostitsyns
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10-14-2009, 06:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Guy Caballero View Post
Kovalchuk is in his contract year at 6.4 mil per.
Take away both Kosts' contracts and Markov's, and the Habs can take the cap hit.

Pros for the Thrashers: they can easily resign the brothers, since their contracts are staggered.
Pros for Habs: They now have the scoring punch to not only survive this season but thrive.


1. What else would it take to get this done? 1st rounders? Halak?
2. Can the Habs resign Kovalchuk, or is he just going to bolt for the KHL?
3. Does this make any sense at all from a Habs' point of view, or is it wasting assets?

Edit: this isn't a "let's run the kostitsyns out of town" thread. Just speculating.
After 6500 posts i would have figured that you would know by now that we won't be able to fit him under the cap space since he will be making 8-10 million on his next contract. And there is now way were gonna hve a 30 mill dollar payroll on 4 players on Offense.

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