Thread: Proposal: Kovalchuk for Kostitsyns
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10-14-2009, 09:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Yarfangor View Post
Change my Allegiance? I've wanted us to tank for 2 years now, and to change my Allegiance would be me going from a habs fan to a caps fan. No I have not done so, so don't come here throwing insults left right and center like you know an absolute truth.

Theres the fans who think we should tank, and the fans whom think we should trade and attempt to win a cup with the team we have.

I prefer to tank because you get more quality for less of a price. End of story.
What does this even mean ?
Insults ? Hmmm ok there bud relax now. Telling you to change Allegiance is not an insult.

A true Habs fan does NOT TANK. Capiche ?

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