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11-27-2004, 07:41 PM
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Originally Posted by mudcrutch79
I don't don't think that Kaspar would have had value in the league at ALS, in terms of what he could recover in a trade?
He wouldn't have accepted the Pens offer if were above ALS and below what he thought was his market value. If that were the case the player would have argued for a much higher salary and he probably would have been awarded around $3 million per year. The Pens had a full year to trade him. The Pens did trade Kasparaitis to Colorado for Ville Nieminen and Rick Berry. That was considered very good value at the time, and I don't think it's possible they would have received that much if he was signed to an expensive long-term contract. Patrick played it perfectly.

Tom's version seems to make more sense to me, although I still think Lowe should have qualified Marchant above ALS for the same reasons. I suppose I could be misreading the value that players have in trades, and the bearing their FA status has upon it.
It wouldn't have mattered what Lowe qualified Marchant at. He was going to use his option to become a Group V UFA. He stated that numerous times. Lowe's last realistic option with Marchant was to deal him at the deadline. After that it was out of Lowe's hands unless he wanted to offer Marchant a ridiculous long-term deal. You make it seem as if the GM had all the leverage and everything was under his control. Marchant's trade value at last year's deadline is indicated by the fact that he wasn't dealt. No one was going to offer anything decent for a 3rd liner with that contract and a new CBA on the horizon. If anything Columbus would have had to eat some salary. Forget about the arbitration and qualifying offer angles. The only thing Lowe can be criticized for is not dealing Marchant when he had the chance.

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