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Originally Posted by Buffaloed
Actually both years were under the ALS. The entire award was for $2.4 million with $1.15 million awarded for the first year. Craig Patrick made what appears to be mistake. It had to be intentional. Patrick knows the CBA as well as anyone. He knew exactly what would happen. He eliminated a messy PR problem, and got the desired outcome with the NHLPA taking the heat for it from the fans. Instead of the onus being on Patrick to re-sign a popular player the Pens couldn't afford, he shifted the focus to the CBA and the NHLPA. It was a brilliant "mistake" by Patrick.
This isn't right, although you are correct about the wage in the second year of the contract. First, Patrick did not have to take him to arbitration to get him to take a $500,000 pay cut. If he offered it on a one year deal, Gandler obviously would have taken it. Second, if he knew what he was doing, there was no need to opt for the two year arbitration award.

He thought that Kasparaitis would be bound to the Penguins for the second year of the two year contract even though after the first year he had the 10 years in and was under the league ALS. He forgot about the clause that allows the player to void the second year of an arbitration award if he qualified as a Group V after the first year.

Third, right up until the trade deadline that year, Patrick was trying to claim that Kasparaitis was not going to become an unrestricted free agent. There was talk of another arbitration hearing tio determine his status.

Here's a link to a story from March 2002.


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