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10-14-2009, 01:24 PM
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Also thought this is worth pointing out to you guys:
Rich Hammond - LA Kings Insider
Harrold’s versatility
Posted by Rich Hammond on 13 October 2009, 6:23 pm
Peter Harrold is a forward. And a defenseman. Or is he a forward acting like a defenseman? Whatever he is, he seems to be earning Terry Murray’s trust. His minutes, as a forward, have gone from 4:29 to 7:32 to 7:47 since he started playing forward in the second game. Harrold’s value, particularly late in tight games, is that the Kings can put him on the ice as a right wing, but he can essentially serve as a third defenseman. Today, Murray talked about Harrold’s versatility and the ways in which he can be used…

MURRAY: “Later in a game, I will sometimes put him on the top line, even, and take a player and put him down for the rest of the game and have (Harrold) out there in a defensive situation with a one-goal lead. His responsibilities are excellent. He’s going to play a very courageous role there. With pucks along the boards, if you have to take a hit to make a play at that time of the game, he has no hesitation.’’
This is so true! He plays very courageous indeed.

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