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10-14-2009, 06:17 PM
Blane Youngblood
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Originally Posted by mstad101 View Post
your pretty much painting yourself into a corner dude.

The canucks dont have the AHL Depth to pull of a trading the farm for one young player trade.
Nor do the Nucks wanna give up 4 firsts.
Now considering all of this, Toronto looks like the early stages of Vancouvers overhaul.
Build from the blueline in front of you, Get a goalie. Build the offense n draft.
(well ill excuse the last one for now)
But after all thats happened in 2 years with these two teams, a trade of equal value doesnt look to be forseeable future.
N the Nucks dont NEED what the Leafs have, N the Leafs dont have what the Nucks want in a trade.
I didn't say it would happen. I just can't believe that someone would write that the Canucks would have no interest in Schenn because they already have 8 NHL d-men. It just seemed like a snobby thing to say.

I doubt these GMs would ever discuss a trade between the two teams but if Schenn was on the table the Canucks would be interested.

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