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10-14-2009, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
I don't think he does watch games, to be honest. He just comes on here and rants and posts absurd things. He's the Muttley of our own board.
Dont be mad becaue you have low standards and dont know how to spot it when d-men make mistakes. Play the position on a sheet of ice rather than taking ignorant swipes at me and you may understand.

Do you want me to bump your history of bashing Redden? They have played 6 games this season, none of which Redden saw any significant time on the PP, and he's been average at best.

And yes , I've watched every game. Just because Redden had a good game against the worst team in hockey, I'm not going to jump for joy like all you bandwagoners. There was a Redden appreciation thread after the 1st game and then the next night he was abysmal.

And spare me with your holier-than-thou approach. You were annointing Voros as Jagr's replacement last year after two weeks. You are as credible on here as Eklund

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