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10-14-2009, 08:40 PM
Josh Deitell
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If this were any player other than Marian Gaborik I'd probably agree with both of you.

Originally Posted by Telos View Post
You come out and take the angle down, it is possible if you play correctly. Gaborik was the only player in the zone. You have to challenge him.
Originally Posted by William H Bonney View Post
That goal was not Gaborik picking his spot. First, you can't say that since EE gave him half the net to shoot at, no spot was necessary to pick. Sure Doughty should have cut down the angle and forced Gaborik into a quicker decision/shot, but an NHL goalie has to stop that shot. If he doesn't, it's a weak goal.

The shot Gaborik just missed which you are referring to would not have been a weak goal. He was in the slot with a clear shooting lane.
First of all, why would Ersberg be comfortable coming out on the shooter without any defensive pressure? If Ersberg comes out to challenge, Gaborik can wait and take the puck down low because he has so much space. Doughty recognized the shot at the last minute but his body positioning wasn't good on that play. Ersberg had to be set for the shot because Gaborik has such a quick, unpredictable shot. Also, Ersberg's glove was milliseconds away from that puck. He was enough in position that he could made a save on that play, but the shot was just too fast and accurate, and he's obviously not a world class goalie.

Ersberg had to be set for the shot because Gaborik had the time and space to shoot whenever he wanted to. You can't let a guy like Gaborik get speed like that through center ice and come into the zone without pestering him. Gaborik was really dictating the play there.

Had Gaborik scored that goal on a guy like Thomas or Lundqvist or Brodeur it would've just been a nice shot. I feel like Ersberg's getting scapegoated.

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