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09-20-2003, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Havlat
Heimy, I read in the Sun-Sentinel that Olli with his 10 added pounds looks like a dominant player and not a player who benefits of the play of his teammates(I know that Kozlov assisted on all of his goals but Olli was dominant in other facets of the game?), what do you think about it ?

And how well did Kristian and Cullen played last night (I didn't notice cullen on the scoresheet) ?

You really think that Van Ryn will make this team, how can you describe his game ?

Horton was that good ? You said that we were a better team with him in the lineup, how can you say so ?

To finish, just make praise of Mezei in your post, because I love Mezei as much as you do, but I prefer your praises of Mezei than the real one !
I've said when we acquire him that he could be another Eric Brewer out of Long Islandand every Edmonton's fans and co jumped on me saying that Mezei doesn't hold top-end offesnive potential!... Well it seems more and more that Brewer's offensive potential isn't that high and that Mezei's is underrated !

Olli looked solid. He played a smart game watching Kozlov control the puck most shifts while he found the open ice and then Kozlov finding him for the open shot. It's clear (to me) that he's the key benficiary of Kozlov's puck control and elite passing but he IS finishing his chances and what else can you want?

Kristian impressed me. He was used at even strength and short-handed. He anticipates so well, getting his stick between passes and reading the play. Cullen did the heavy lifting along the boards and was noticably stronger....but I'm just not quite as sold as Russo et al yet.

ok, I'll repeat myself, I do think Van Ryn will make the team. The only caveat here is Keenan and Dudley's apparent strong committment to Biron. Van Ryn is clearly better than Biron. Van Ryn shows a veteran's judgement when instant decisions must be made. I noticed him staying up close to our blueline when a rush was coming and poke-checking the puck out of harms way before they could penitrate our offensive zone. He also had the check of the game but he's very careful to pick his spots rather than take himself out of position. Excellent decision making, shift after shift.

Horton (as well as Stewart make us VERY STRONG ALONG THE BOARDS. We really dominated that aspect of the game and I couldn't help but think both these guys were born to play in the east. Horton can dangle the puck and both guys play fearless and can intimidate.

Watching Mezei patrol the ice reminds me a little bit of a young Scott Stevens...back when he was a scorer too. Mezei frightens opponents into passive compliance and those that dare to try and skate around him, well, they'll pay a painful price. He OWNS the ice. One Cane player tried to slip by him along the boards and got stuck against the glass by Mezei's shoulder as though he had stuck a fork in him. His decisiveness makes him so solid. He scored his first goal by pinching in from point when nobody saw him and slamming home a smart centering pass from Val. I (and the score keeper) was sure he scored his 2nd goal of the night when he took a shot from the point that went thru a mass of humanity and into the top shelf but evidently Huselius (who was down low) got a piece of it and was later credited with the tally.

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