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10-14-2009, 11:06 PM
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As others have said, Lehtonen is listed day to day, but I'd be shocked were he ready to play a game before mid-November.

I've been labeled a Lehtonen hater on these boards in the past, and I guess I'm OK with that moniker. I think he's too soft, too ill prepared, and too lackadaisical to ever be a true no. 1 goalie in the NHL. That's not to say that Pavelec necessarily is, but here is a recent Playboy-style interview with Pavs.

That kind of mentality, the guy who wants to be facing plenty of shots and wanting to work for everything he has, is the perfect fit for this team. So far, he's done a fine job, as he was solid in the only two games that Atlanta fans were able to see. Sure, Ondrej the Giant has a lot to work on, such as playing the puck and positioning, but he knows that. Can he keep that pace and solidify himself as a no. 1 NHL goalie? I don't know. But for the moment, I'm very happy with him as the Thrashers' goaltender, and comments from the staff and players (Anderson, Waddell, Hainsey, etc.) intimate the same.

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