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10-15-2009, 12:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
Congratulations on your son's success. Here's an addition and my two cents....

Every Spring after the hockey season ends, get him into every power skating class or clinics each year until he becomes a junior. And during every hockey season, just be a supportive parents and tell him how wonderful he is doing and let the coach do his job.

Too many times a childs growth becomes stagnant because the child doesn't know which one to listen too...Dad or the Coach!

However, if you want to coach your child, I recommend that you start taking some coaching certification programs and get on the ice. If not, i recommend that you just sit in the stands and be a supportive dad that tells him on the drive home, that he is doing a great job. Don't be negative, that's not what he's going to want to hear. Let the coach be negative. Let the coach be the one to tell him what he needs to work on. You provide him with the positive attitude that if he works hard, he can go anywhere.

You do this and you will develop a great hockey player. Criticize his game and he will just shut down and maybe quit or hate the game. After 30 years of coaching, I have seen this too many times.

Head coach

I still think allowing a kid to play hockey all year round is the worst thing parents do. (yes im including power skating classes in "playing hockey")

Let the kid play baseball or soccer or whatever. Hell, there is a good chance he wont play Juniors. And being involved in hockey all year round is the best way to get your kid to NOT enjoy hockey any more.

Anything hockey related leave in the Winter, let him play other sports in the summer.

After 24 years of playing, I have seen this too many times.

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