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10-15-2009, 02:19 AM
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A few thoughts to ponder...

Ive noticed the last few games that none of our guys can make or recieve a pass. Theyre either nowhere close to being acceptable or our guys panic and for some reason cant catch it. Id say thats a pretty basic/fundamental task that anyone on a professional hockey team could manage to do. Make good passes and for crying out loud catch one every now and again. Whats the problem? No chemistry?

Someone in last nights GDT stated that maybe Trotz has lost our players. Could be the case. Im no coach, but I wonder what would be the best approach from here. Yelling and screaming are definately justifed, but IF your are trying your best, getting yelled at will only make it worse. It adds more pressure and therfore your play wont be natural. Youll force shots/passes, take more penalties trying to show your effort and eventually start believing that the team is horrible yourself. On the other hand, if you baby them and create excuses then you create the mind set that this kind of play is acceptable. Well see how good Trotzy is over the next couple of weeks. The Ill make an opinion of whether hes lost our guys or not.

Id have to imagine that Freeman and his staff are more than concerned right about now. I dont want to go the entire season this way, but one bright side may be that this will open everyones eyes to what most of us have been saying the last few months/years, WE NEED SCORING. Hell we need just about everything at the moment, but I guarentee that if we had just that one go to guy/ gamebreaker things may not be so bad right now. We need those players on our team. Look at Pat Kane the other night. Down 5-0 in the first. Leads the play to get his team the W. Granted everyone stepped up, but he IMO created the hope for his teams comeback.
Sorry to rant so long. I hope we stop the bleeding NOW.

I will lastly say this. Ive been a huge Preds fan since 2000, but if we miss the playoffs again because of this kind of play and Poile cant get the players/staff we need, I'm moving on. Heres to Kovy in a Preds sweater next season.

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