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10-15-2009, 09:17 AM
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Interesting pov from both CanadianBacon and HeadCoach, what I sincerly believe is that if my son loves it and wants it than I'm there for him.

I love my kid to death and refuse to say anything negative to him, and just support him in every way, but after a game we both discuss how it went, and a typical conversation will go like " that was an awesome backcheck, I loved how you came back on that play" or " son try to anticipate where the puck is going to go, but you played great"

CanadianBacon I do agree with you I definitly put my son in soccer over the summer or maybe ballhockey, but you have to understand headcoach aswell, the summer is very long they have 2 months, 24 hours in the day, if they spent 1 hour power skating a day, 1 day a week playing soccer and 1 day a week playing ball hockey it's actually good for them. They is still more than enough time to do whatever they want.

Last summer my son couldn't wait for his ball hockey or soccer game, cause the summer gets pretty boring for them. Keeping there body, and mind active is the goal, especially over the summer.

at the end of all this the summer is just to long not to put a bunch of activities there. If they love to skate why take it away let them go learn more, but also soccer or baseball or drum classes. Keep them busy so they learn to be effiecient, trust me as a teacher by profession this is what the kids nowadays need.

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