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10-15-2009, 09:44 AM
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I normally and iin agreement with HeadCoach but think I have to lean towards CB on this one, with a little HC thrown in. Most coaching clincis these days are advocating building a better ATHLETE, not just a better hockey player. A better athelete by all accounts will make a better hockey player. What in the world do they mean by this? Well, I'm glad you asked

Allowing a child to play other sports in the hockey off season will help build other muscle groups and other skill that may actually translate well to the ice. For example, soccer will help build foot speed/quick feet as well as balance which are both necessary in hockey. Baseball will help buiild eye/hand coordination which is also necessary in hockey. Furthermore, keeping him away from the rink for small periods of time will prevent burnout and help build anticipation.

Now, I am not going so far as to walk away from the rink in April and don't come back untl August/September - just don't live there as you do in season. Sign up for maybe one power skating class and one really good weeklong clinic. Then, let your son help dictate the amount of time he wants to spend he actually wants to spend in the rink vs. playing other sports during the offseason.

Remember, a better ATHLETE makes a better hockey player.

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