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10-15-2009, 10:59 AM
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Have to agree about the goaltending and the weak plays of the 4th line being the main factors in the loss.

The Ivanans penalty that led to the first goal was just so terrible. I don't know if it was caught in fram on the telecast but I did see him skate right by a guy, take his hand off his stick and grab the Ranger around the was just so blatant and awful. I'm not even sure if that was the call though as I think he got the holding the stick penalty a little later in the shift. Either way, he didn't have to be out there tonight since Brashear was out. Then he's on the ice for the Boyle goal and you've got Harrold's penalty to account for as well. Love that he is going for a rebound but you can't just run the goalie over that. I didn't think it was an "iffy" call as it was pretty clear as day.

Richardson was great though so I won't lump him into this criticism.

I thought Simmonds was not very good at all until late in the 3rd when he switched lines and played with Richardson a bit. Whoever said Purcell was bad and Simmonds was good needs to stop playing favorites. I thought Wayne was invisible most of the game.

Frolov may have been the worst player in the 3rd line tonight though. He was pretty invisible as well except for turning the puck over in the offensive zone. I'm not a "Froloaf" guy by any means; the team needs more out of him though in a game like this.

As for Ersberg, the last 2 goals were bad but more importantly, this was a game where you felt every shot had a chance of going in. Haven't had a game like that in awhile and I hated the feeling it gave me.

I thought Doughty could have played Gaborik better on the last goal though. I screamed at the tv "Why are you giving him so much space!?!?" right before he snapped that shot. That is his play: Ersberg and Doughty should know that.

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