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11-28-2004, 03:24 AM
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Originally Posted by nic30
One of mine are when a player knocks the other teams player into their own goalie and the other team scores and the goalie freaks out because it the guy was in the crease. Freak out on your own player not the ref.
This reminds me of a midget house game I called last season.

A defenceman shoved an opposing forward into goaltender, knocking the net off. There was nothing the forward could have done, so I called the defenceman for Interference. Oh boy did that piss the defenceman, the goaltender and their team off. I ended up giving the goaltender 2 for Unsportsmanlike Conduct and a 10 Minute Misconduct because he still wouldn't shutup...the defenceman wouldn't shutup, so I gave him a dime (ref slang for a 10 Minute Misconduct)... Then as I was reporting the penalties, their coach was standing at their gate yelling at me with vulgar language loud enough for people in the stands to hear, so I went straight to a Game Misconduct for him.

At the end of the game, the goaltender called me a f'ing idiot as he shook my hand. That earned him another dime, which was his second of the game, which meant an automatic Game Misconduct. Being after the game, that got him a one-game suspension. (All Game Misconducts in the last 10:00 of the game earn an automatic one game in Canada.)

It really makes you wonder what some coaches are teaching their players in terms of self-control when a goaltender earns himself a suspension because his defenceman threw a player into him....Then again, this IS midget house.

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