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10-15-2009, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by copperandblue View Post
I agree that eventually a kid will choose on his own which way he prefers to shoot (which may not be his best option, I would be an example of that - I shoot left in Hockey, swing right in baseball and can golf either way) but if he hasn't got comfortable with either hand yet there is a way to determine what hand is best.

It was once explained to me that if you can do a dominant eye test for your kid (there are number of easy ways to determine on your own) then you want to shoot off of that side. In other words if his dominant eye is his left eye, he is best suited to shoot left and if it's the right eye then obviously the opposite applies. It helps give the player better control of the puck, more accuracy on his shots and so on.

intresting, i have never heard this before. Do you have any links or info that talks about this.

I cant really see (i know, bad pun) how a "dominant" eye would give you better puck control or accuracy.

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