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Originally Posted by CanadaBacon View Post
intresting, i have never heard this before. Do you have any links or info that talks about this.

I cant really see (i know, bad pun) how a "dominant" eye would give you better puck control or accuracy.
I'll snoop around but it wasn't an internet discovery - so to speak - it was a discussion I had with a hockey/fitness trainer.

The theory goes, as I remember it;

Your dominant eye will re-focus more quickly than the other one. So when you move your head left to right (for example) both eyes take a moment (however miniscule that moment is) to regain their focus. That brief moment is apparently enough to make a difference in terms of optimizing your coordination. That eye being on the puck side of your body apparently sincs up your hand/eye coordination more than the using the opposite hand. Or something like that.

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